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As you fix your gorgeous gown, and approach the open doors,
The excitement takes your fear, as you know the aisle is yours
You can hear that special song start, as you grasp tightly your bouquet
Remembering what it took, to get to this very special day

Planning a wedding is almost every woman’s dream, as she creates the vision of what this special day will be like for her, she prepares and plans in selecting her wedding venue of where her and her love will exchange their eternal vows for each other in a wedding chapel of their choice, while her bridesmaids stand strongly by her side, surrounded by her perfectly selected wedding decor, wedding musicians, wedding caterers, wedding cake, all while she is drenched in beauty standing in her exquisitely selected wedding dress as she sparkles with wedding jewellery, and when her love kisses her for the very first time as his wife, tears run down her perfect cheeks without ruining her make-up, while her wedding hairstyle blows slightly in the wind as her and her love turn towards their wedding guests as husband and wife.  

This perfect day is always created with the carefully selected wedding vendors who assist to make your visualized wedding day come true.   

Wedding A to Z offers a selection of vendors to help you plan your perfect wedding day.
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